A former aerospace employee who was convicted of killing a Los Angeles Airport Police officer more than four years ago has been sentenced to life in prison without the chance for parole.

William Sadowski, 51, was sentenced January 15th by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Lance Ito in the April 2005 murder of Tommy Scott, the only Airport Police officer to die in the line of duty. Ito additionally denied a motion for a new trial for Sadowski, who was found by a jury to have been sane at the time he killed Scott after carjacking his patrol vehicle. Sadowski, who prosecutors say was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, had pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.

The verdict in the sanity phase of the trial came days after jurors found Sadowski guilty November 16th in the first-degree murder of Scott. The defendant was convicted of carjacking the patrol car near Los Angeles International Airport and killing the officer, who was clinging to the door of the vehicle when it crashed into a fire hydrant.

The Los Angeles Airport Peace Officers Association praised the sentencing of Sadowski to life in prison without the possibility of parole, saying the decision can finally bring a sense of closure years after Scott died. The fallen officer’s father, Hubert Scott, was in attendance for the sentencing.

“Today’s sentencing brings a measure of closure and peace to our close-knit airport police department and to his family,” said Marshall McClain, president of the Airport Peace Officers Association. “To this day we miss his warm, upbeat presence in our ranks. We fondly remember him as the kindest officer on the force. He is a hero and we shall never forget him.”

The Airport Police union added that Sadowski’s sentence can send a message that justice will come to people who attack law enforcement officers.

“We hope today’s sentencing also serves as a warning that justice will be done to those who would target police officers,” McClain added.