Compiled by Christina Campodonico

Reported Cases & Deaths by Neighborhood as of Tuesday, Sept. 1

Culver City: 372 (Deaths 29); Del Rey: 325 (Deaths 9); El Segundo: 122 (Deaths 1); Marina del Rey: 65 (Deaths 1); Mar Vista: 293 (Deaths 5); Playa Vista: 126 (Deaths 0); Playa del Rey: 27 (Deaths 0); Santa Monica: 784 (Deaths 40); Venice: 264 (Deaths 3); Westchester: 388 (Deaths 15) Total Westside Cases: 2,766 Total Westside Deaths: 103 Total Confirmed Cases in LA County: 242,521 Total Deaths in LA County: 5,829 Total New Cases as of Sept. 1: 840 Total New Deaths: 45 Hospitalizations: 1,057 Postivity Rate (7-day average): 5.1%

(Source: Los Angeles County Department of Public Health)

• County officials are discouraging Angelenos from gathering over the Labor Day holiday weekend, fearing such gatherings could cause a spike in COVID-19 cases and upset the downward trend in cases locally. “Even if they feel safe,” the county is discouraging residents from throwing or attending baby showers, gender reveal parties, barbecues in the backyard with friends, study groups with school friends, gatherings at the beach and dinner parties for the High Jewish Holidays (Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur). So you might want to “regretfully decline” such invitations or postpone that party until we can all truly celebrate the end of corona. “These types of gatherings are risky as they bring together people who do not live together and increase the chances of community transmission,” reads a press release from the County. “It is still safest to stay at home and avoid gatherings, even if everyone present is taking precautions,” the release added.

• In another surreal moment to add to this weird year we’re calling 2020, a mysterious man piloting a jet pack was seen flying around LAX on Sunday (Aug. 30). An American Airlines pilot spotted the “guy in a jet pack” soaring at an altitude of approximately 3,000 feet. “Only in LA,” the air traffic controller responded. The FBI is investigating.