Compiled by Christina Campodonico

Reported Cases & Deaths by Neighborhood as of Tuesday, Oct. 13

Culver City: 404 (Deaths 28); Del Rey: 375 (Deaths 10); El Segundo: 136 (Deaths 1); Marina del Rey: 78 (Deaths 1); Mar Vista: 343 (Deaths 6); Playa Vista: 144 (Deaths 0); Playa del Rey: 29 (Deaths 0); Santa Monica: 949 (Deaths 40); Venice: 307 (Deaths 3); Westchester: 448 (Deaths 15) Total Westside Cases: 3,213 Total Westside Deaths: 104 Total Confirmed Cases in LA County: 283,750 Total Deaths in LA County: 6,790 Total New Cases as of Oct. 13: 790 Total New Deaths: 18 Hospitalizations: 692 Postivity Rate (7-day average): 3.1% Total Number of People Tested: 2,283,368

(Source: Los Angeles County Department of Public Health)

● Twelve Santa Monica playgrounds were cleared to reopen last week in accordance with county guidelines. The City of Santa Monica announced that the following playgrounds would reopen as of Oct. 9: Airport Park Playground, Clover Park Playgrounds, Douglas Park Playground, Gandara Park Playground, Joslyn Park Playground, Marine Park Playground, Memorial Park Playground, North Beach Playground (slide closed), Reed Park Playground, South Beach Universally Accessible Playground, Tongva Park Playground, and Virginia Avenue Park Playground.

● The Annnenberg Community Beach House is on a list of parks that either don’t have a nearby restroom or need additional maintenance and “will not open until it is safe to do so,” according to a city press release.

● Per the City of Santa Monica:

– Do: wear a mask (tots under 2 are exempt), keep six feet of distance from other people, wash your hands before and after your visit and monitor systems before going to the park.

– Don’t: Eat or drink at the park, play on the playground more than 30 minutes or visit if you’re showing symptoms.

● Monday, Oct.19, is the last day to register to vote in California for the Nov. 3 presidential election. Visit to register or check your voting status.

● The deadline for the 2020 Census has been moved up to Oct. 15. Postmark your survey today to be counted, call by 11 p.m. or respond online tonight by 2:59 a.m. Pacific Time. Visit to learn more.