Small Craft Harbor Commission members were told that the commission has “no independent authority to adopt its own policies directly regulating Los Angeles County’s small craft harbor areas; nor does the commission have enforcement authority independent of that which may be delegated from time to time by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.”

This directive came from attorney Tom Faughan, the county’s principal deputy counsel of the Property Division, after the Small Craft Harbor Commission members requested a report at the April meeting on the commission’s authority “relative to concerns raised by members of the public over asserted evictions of liveaboards from Marina del Rey.”

Stan Wisniewski, director of Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors, suggested that liveaboards seek mediation through the county’s Consumer Affairs Department, which has intact committees and “could offer a broader base of participation,” without the implication of subjective decision-making by county officials.

Dusty Crane, spokeswoman for the Department of Beaches and Harbors, headed the Commission on Consumer Affairs, and will post information on the county’s Web site on how to contact Consumer Affairs, consumer

In other business, the Small Craft Harbor Commission appointed Albert Landini, Jr., a commission member, as liaison between the Marina del Rey Design Control Board and the Small Craft Harbor Commission.

The request for Landini’s appointment came from Design Control Board chair Susan Cloke, who said a liaison would improve communications between the Design Control Board and the Small Craft Harbor Commission.

Landini, now retired, has a strong background in land use planning, and served as an associate zoning administrator with the City of Los Angeles Planning Department for 15 years.

In this capacity, Landini conducted public hearings and field research related to a wide variety of zoning issues, and issued determinations that were final unless appealed, participating in approximately 2,500 such land use cases.

SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT — Lt. Greg Nelson, Harbormaster with the County Sheriff’s Department Marina Station, told the commission that theft in the Marina is down, and that people have been mindful about warnings to not leave possessions in their vehicles.

Nelson said that a Tsunami Preparation Plan has been finalized by the county, and the public will receive information about it within the next two months.

The County Sheriff’s Department bike teams have been restored to patrol during summer concerts and the Fourth of July Fireworks in the Marina, he said.