The following is a statement from Steve Penn, chief property manager for the Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors Property Management Section, regarding the purported sale of Marina Fitness to LA Fitness in Marina del Rey:

For information such as new member policy, parking issues, or anything related to the operation of the fitness business on Panay Way, public inquiry can be directed to the lessee, Goldrich & Kest, Penn stated.

“Our role in this matter is the same as we are in any other Marina del Rey leasehold parcels: we administer the ground leases between the county and lessees. Our position in this particular event is that we are requesting the lessee to abide by the lease provision to provide any sublease assignment to our office for approval if in fact the acquisition transaction between LA Fitness and Marina Fitness did occur,” said Penn.

“The county would not interfere with the business decision of a sublessee in Marina del Rey in its regular course of business. We did not dictate any particular business policy of LA/Marina Fitness operation, such as to stop selling memberships or shutting down temporarily.

“We are, of course, concerned about services rendered to the public by lessees or sublessees in Marina del Rey and the quality thereof. We have not received from the lessee records confirming the transaction between Marina Fitness and LA Fitness, thus we are not able to confirm if the alleged transaction has indeed occurred,” stated Penn.

Editor’s note: The website for LA Fitness has a Marina Fitness Center at 14045 Panay Way, Marina del Rey identified under its list of locations. A representative at the Marina location said the business has been open for two weeks and is currently receiving membership applications.