A second workshop for public input on the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works Bikeway Master Plan update was held in Marina del Rey Tuesday, June 2nd.

The county’s bikeway master plan will cover areas of the City of Los Angeles as well as unincorporated county areas, including Marina del Rey. This plan is an update to the county’s adopted Plan of Bikeways (1975) and a sub-element to the General Plan.

The first workshop on the update was also held in the Marina on March 10th, and public comments from that meeting are on the county’s Web site for review. Public comments from the second workshop will be online within two weeks, according to David Pulsipher and Matt Benjamin of Alta Planning + Design, the company working with the county on the bikeway plan.

At the March 10th workshop Benjamin said that the county Small Craft Harbor Commission had voted earlier that day to request that a bike path be developed within Marina del Rey, providing access to the jetty and back without having to use Washington Boulevard because of heavy traffic usage.

The general goal of the project is to increase bicycling in Los Angeles through infrastructure, education, encouragement and policy change.

Regional connectivity is a key issue to be considered in the bike plan, and the county is trying to create a network of bikeways between municipalities and unincorporated areas so that people can ride their bicycles on paths that continue across the city and county borders, Benjamin said.

The plan’s coverage area would include the rivers, creeks, arroyos, washes and drains that make up the flood control system of Los Angeles County, and the update will look at improving existing bikeways along the Los Angeles River and Ballona Creek in addition to developing new ones, he said.

One of the objectives is proposing new bicycle facilities within the unincorporated areas. There is a larger menu of options in those areas regarding bicycle parking, routes, lanes and paths, and there are many opportunities for different bike facilities because the county has jurisdiction, Benjamin noted.

The study corridors from the first round of workshops can be viewed on the county’s Web site via a link, and there is also a link to Google Earth for the corridors.

Abu Yusuf of the county Department of Public Works attended the meeting to answer questions and is the contact person for any questions regarding the county’s bikeway program.

Yusuf, Benjamin and Pulsipher all emphasized that community input is needed for this program so that a comprehensive plan can be put into place that addresses the concerns and needs of the community.

Comments on the bikeway plan are being sought and the last round of the second workshops is scheduled Wednesday, June 30th.

The third round of workshops will be held to discuss the draft plan, and the final plan could be adopted anywhere between January and September 2011, depending on the environmental documentation, said Benjamin.

For general questions regarding the county’s bikeway program, Yusuf at (626) 458-3940, or


For questions regarding the project, Benjamin at (213) 489-7443, or


Meeting information, the study corridors and Google Earth links are online on the county’s bike plan home page.

To comment on the plan online, click on “Public Participation” at the top. To view recent comments, click on the link to the right of the comment section at