Two more beaches in Los Angeles County are now off-limits for smoking.

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday, March 8th, to approve an ordinance that permanently bans smoking on two county-owned beaches, Mother’s Beach in Marina del Rey and Topanga Beach near the south end of Malibu.

A pilot program, which temporarily banned smoking at the two beaches, was enacted from June to September last year and no citations were reported, said Dusty Crane, County Department of Beaches and Harbors spokeswoman.

The ordinance has now permanently outlawed smoking at all areas of the two beaches except in the parking lots.

Most cities in the county already have permanent smoking bans on beaches.

Hermosa Beach, Torrance and Redondo Beach are the only cities in the county that still allow smoking on beaches, Crane said.

“It’s part of our continuing push to make L.A. smoke- free,” she said.

“No smoking” signs will be put up on the beaches and on the back of lifeguard towers to inform beachgoers of the ban.

The ban will mostly be enforced to inform people that smoking is not allowed on the beach, she said.

Anyone caught smoking at the beaches will most likely be given a warning from lifeguards or police rather than issued a ticket, she said.