The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has approved that exclusive negotiations be conducted between the county and The BoatYard and Westrec Marina Management, Inc. for a long-term ground lease and redevelopment of the only fuel dock in Marina del Rey.

The supervisors selected The BoatYard/Westrec for negotiations for the fuel dock redevelopment, but recommended that a proposed oyster-bar-type restaurant be downsized to a takeout restaurant, said Roger Moliere, County Beaches and Harbors Department asset management chief.

The County Small Craft Harbor Commission voted March 9th to recommend the exclusive negotiations with The BoatYard/ Westrec, but the commission had expressed some objections to a restaurant at the fuel dock.

“There was similar concern voiced by the Small Craft Harbor Commission to make sure it was compatible with the neighbors,” Moliere said.

The fuel dock parcel — located on the west side of the Marina at 13800 Bora Bora Way — serves about 5,000 boaters and includes 46,510 square feet of water.

Marina Fuels and Service currently runs the fuel dock and the current ground lease of the parcel expires in May next year.

The new ground lease would allow for redevelopment of the fuel dock facility and development of new adjunct facilities, including a restaurant and a public promenade.

The current parcel provides $167,000 in annual income to the county, but annual rent to the county under a new lease is projected to reach about $328,000, according to county officials.

Marina officials say that the main purpose of the proposal is to redevelop the fuel dock by incorporating a “boater-friendly, waterfront-oriented design.”

The BoatYard/Westrec redevelopment proposal was selected by an evaluation committee as the “superior” of four applicant proposals.

The BoatYard/Westrec proposal includes complete replacement of the docks, construction of a 2,000-square-foot commercial building, which includes a restaurant and a public observation deck, and a public promenade with two public viewing platforms.

The fueling station would offer a 24-hour operation with high-speed fuel pumps.

The supervisors expressed some concern about the height of the proposed restaurant building and recommended that the restaurant be limited to a takeout facility.