The Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors is proposing to build a new administration building on the present site of the Pacific Mariners Yacht Club on Panay Way.

The lessee of the parcel, Goldrich & Kest, has already announced that it wants to redevelop the yacht club site and relocate the yacht club to a new building to be built further west on Panay Way.

Stan Wisniewski, director of the County Department of Beaches and Harbors, told the County Marina del Rey Design Control Board last week that a new administration building at the Panay Way site would allow the department to consolidate into one location its Fiji Way offices that are now at a site adjacent to Villa Venetia Apartments and its offices that are now housed in trailers further east on Fiji Way near the Marina public launch ramp.

By moving county offices out of trailers now near the public launch ramp, the county would also be able to put that parcel out to bid and have it redeveloped by lessees.

The parcel containing the county trailers — Parcel GG/52 — would be developed as a dry-stack storage facility and other boater amenities, Wisniewski said.

A request for proposal (RFP) must be issued by the county and a contract awarded to the successful bidder before architectural renderings are available, Wisniewski said.

AT DESIGN CONTROL BOARD — The county department was seeking only a conceptual approval from the Design Control Board for the Panay Way building and told board members that the county will return to the design board later for approval of building architectural details and signage prior to completing a required entitlement process.

Wisniewski said his department is seeking conceptual approval at this time only for the land use, building height/massing, view corridor, parking and landscaping.

At the Marina del Rey Design Control Board meeting Thursday, February 16th, the county’s proposed project was only briefly discussed due to time constraints.

Design Control Board chair Susan Cloke said she would not consider conceptual approval of the proposed project at last week’s meeting. The proposed project will be on the agenda again for the March Design Control Board meeting.


Among the items to be changed because of a new administrative building are the county’s parcel numbers for parcels on the Basin D side of Panay Way.

Presently, the Pacific Mariners Yacht Club is on a parcel designated Parcel 20. A portion of that parcel, where the county administrative building would be built, would become Parcel 19, while the rest of the parcel would remain Parcel 20.

A parcel further west — facing Basin D — that contains the present Holiday Harbor and Marina Fitness would be redesignated Parcel 21.

Goldrich & Kest is lessee for all of these parcels.

Goldrich & Kest also wants to redesignate its proposed Phase II that had been planned on one of the parcels to an adjoining parcel.

Phase II consists of a new commercial building to replace the existing yacht club — Pacific Mariners Yacht Club at 13915 Panay Way — marine commercial offices, associated parking and boater parking.

EXISTING USES — Currently, the eastern portion of Parcel 20 — to be redesignated Parcel 19 — contains a two-story wooden building housing the yacht club, an assembly area, administration, storage and a kitchen (4,585 square feet), office space (2,300 square feet), and adjacent open parking for 231 cars, according to Department of Beaches and Harbors documentation.

The newly designated Parcel 19 does not include any waterfront promenade area, said Wisniewski. The waterfront promenade area remains on the adjoin- ing Parcel 20 and the lessee, Goldrich & Kest, remains responsible for the provision of a 20-foot-wide improved waterfront promenade along the bulkhead of Parcel 19, the Marina director said.

PROPOSED COUNTY BUILDING — The proposed Beaches and Harbors Department administration building would be five-stories with parking.

The proposed site totals approximately 24,960 square feet, and would accommodate a 26,000-gross-square-foot administration building and 116 parking spaces.

The county’s building massing studies provide for a maximum 56-foot high structure with a view corridor of 52.66 feet on the east and west sides, Department of Beaches and Harbors documentation says.

VIEW CORRIDOR — The proposed project site would have 192.66 linear feet of water frontage.

Two view corridors are provided, measuring 22.66 feet (east side) and 30 feet (west side), for a total of 52.66 feet (27.33 percent), which meets the requirement of an additional one percent view corridor for every additional 1.5 feet of building height over 45 feet, according to Department of Beaches and Harbors documentation.

PARKING — The proposed administration building would contain one level of subterranean parking, parking at-grade and parking on floors two and three, according to Beaches and Harbors Department documentation.

Floors four and five would each contain 13,000 gross square feet of administrative office space, for a total of 26,000 square feet.

Parking access would be directly from Panay Way to the middle of the proposed building for interior parking, and to the west side of the building for at-grade parking.

The proposed 26,000 square feet of administrative office use requires a minimum of 65 parking spaces, but the county would provide a combined total of 116 spaces to accommodate public meetings and special events scheduled by the department, said Wisniewski.