When Santa Monica residents Mimi and Jon Torp wanted to find a way to reward their daughter Emily for her diligent work recycling and conserving water, they couldn’t come up with anything that properly praised her accomplishments.

Talking to other parents, they quickly realized that there was an obvious dearth of environment-friendly awards for young “Eco- Warriors.” This was the genesis of “Environ-Medals.”

Jon designed a medal and the Torps hired a medal maker to create the engraved “Planet Earth — Environ-Medal” with the slogan “Champion of a Greener World.”

They also developed a checklist of eco-friendly tasks that a child (or adult) could perform to help the planet.

The list includes everything from bringing trashless lunches to school, to printing on both sides of paper or turning off lights when leaving a room.

When a person has performed a specific number of tasks, they’re rewarded with an Environ-Medal.

The Torps, who are local Realtors for Coldwell Banker, offered to sponsor an “Environ-Medals” program at their daugh- ter’s school, Franklin Elementary School in Santa Monica.

Tracey Schwengel, head of Franklin Elementary’s GREEN TEAM, loved the idea and embraced it wholeheartedly.

“The Environ-Medals are an incredible addition to helping us ‘go green’ at Franklin,” Schwengel said. “The checklists give the kids a way to document their green efforts at home and they are proud to receive their unique medals at school. Checklists continue to come in consistently each week and have proven to be a great way to motivate our students to be more eco-minded.”

The Torps have received thanks from parents at the school for developing and sponsoring the program and are thrilled and inspired by the remarkable response their Environ-Medals program has generated.

For those who might have a young environmentalist who deserves to become an “Environ-Medalist,” checklists can be downloaded from the Torps’ Web site, www.stevenstorp.com/.

The completed checklists are then returned to the Torps, who will send an Environ-Medal to the recipient.

For information or to receive a sample Environ-Medal, Bill Phillips, (310) 979-3987.