Phranc of California, an exhibition of three-dimensional representations of familiar summer objects by artist Phranc, will be held Saturday, June 18 through July 23 at the Craig Krull Gallery, 2525 Michigan Ave. B3, Santa Monica.

The exhibition will be Phranc’s first major West Coast solo show following her critically well-received exhibition in New York City in 2008, a gallery spokesperson said. The show will include sculptural renditions of beach paraphernalia, such as swimsuits, inflatable rafts, umbrellas, and beach balls, all composed of paper mediums, including cardboard, paper, gouache and thread that were hand sewn and painted.

“From the time I sat in my first refrigerator box submarine I knew the cardboard sea was for me,” Phranc says. “I have been creating objects, food, toys, advertisements, shoes and underwear out of ‘found’ cardboard for many years.”

She said the evolution of her work as a self described “cardboard cobbler” has involved transitioning from flat objects to three-dimensional sculptures, and learning to use a sewing machine to create clothing out of painted yards of Kraft paper “fabric.”

Concurrently, Craig Krull Gallery will present Views from the Coast, its seventh solo exhibition of plein-air landscape painter Larry Cohen. The works featured interpret the Malibu Canyon area over the past few years in varying weather conditions.

An opening reception for the exhibits is scheduled from 4 to 6 p.m. June 18.

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