Overall crime dropped at Los Angeles International Airport last year, echoing a trend seen throughout the city, airport and city officials said.

The number of overall crimes reported at LAX decreased 27 percent in 2011, and major crime declined by 29 percent from the previous year, according to statistics recently released by Los Angeles Airport Police.

The drop in crime occurred while passenger volume is estimated to have increased over five percent to nearly 61.9 million passengers last year from 59 million in 2010.

“The reduction in crime at LAX is testimony to our commitment to public safety in and around the airport,” Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said. “We continue to invest in layers of security to ensure safe, efficient travel for the tens of millions of people who fly through LAX every year – their safety is our top priority.”

Villaraigosa also touted the crime reduction citywide, noting that the total number of Part I crimes decreased 5.8 percent, with violent crime dropping 7.3 percent and property crime dropping by 5.5 percent. Violent and property crime was reduced across Los Angeles for the ninth consecutive year.

At LAX, the total number of reported crimes dropped to 1,612 in 2011 from 2,220 in 2010, while major crime decreased to 508 incidents in 2011 from 715 in the previous year, according to statistics. The total number of arrests decreased by 18.7 percent to 1,095 in 2011 compared to 1,347 in 2010.

“LAX is one of the safest, high-density and high-traffic areas in the city of Los Angeles. The total number of crimes is remarkably low, given over 250,000 people – travelers, visitors and workers – come to LAX every day,” Airport Police Chief George Centeno said.

“The 2011 crime statistics are a direct testament to the dedicated hard work provided by every sworn police officer and civilian employee working together to ensure people and their property are safe and secure while at LAX.”

In the category of Part I crime against persons, which includes all major categories of violent crime, there were no homicides or rapes reported. Three robberies were reported last year, resulting in two arrests, compared to two robberies in 2010. Two aggravated assaults were reported in 2011 compared to three in 2010.

Part I property crime, which police say is the more common type of crime, decreased 29 percent to 503 incidents in 2011 from 710 in 2010. Larceny (theft from individuals), the largest category of property crime, reduced 29 percent to 440 incidents in 2011, while the number of commercial burglary reports jumped to 14 in 2011 from nine in 2010.

Of the approximately 6.2 million vehicles parked in LAX public parking facilities throughout the year, there were 19 reports of burglary from locked vehicles, a decrease of 32 percent from 2010. Property theft from unlocked/unsecured vehicles decreased 42 percent to 26 reported incidents.

Airport Police said that Part II crime, the largest single statistical category of miscellaneous offenses, dipped 26.6 percent to 1,104 incidents in 2011. The drop in Part II crime at LAX can be attributed to increased proactive law enforcement and federal passenger and checked-luggage screening measures, police noted.

Airport Police statistics cover the approximately 3,600 acres of LAX property, including passenger terminals, parking facilities, aircraft ramps, offices and cargo areas.