The world premiere of Leonix Movement Theatre Ensemble’s Crossing the Bridge, a comedic melodrama, will be presented by Making Faces Productions Friday, August 14th at the Electric Lodge in Venice.

The performance is scheduled at 8 p.m. at the Electric Lodge, 1416 Electric Ave., Venice.

Combining physical feats and inspired song against a narrative background, Crossing the Bridge is a tragicomic contemplation on death, grief and laughter, according to the Leonix ensemble.

“Until the last half century, young people would become familiar with death when siblings and parents died. Now, most of adulthood passes without personal contact with dying,” said Joyce Lynn, M.D., of the Center to Improve Care of the Dying.

A Leonix spokesperson said that in today’s society, there is a taboo about talking of death even though death is a normal part of life, and popular culture almost completely ignores the life experience of people with terminal illness.

By working closely with a local hospice in Los Angeles and researching end-of-life stories, Leonix Movement Theatre Ensemble developed Crossing the Bridge to encourage dialogue about death in America.

Using humor and creative ensemble imagery, the story presents a brother and sister in a series of abstract and realistic vignettes as they deal with his terminal illness, hospitals, and the poetic absurdity that can come with death.

The Leonix Movement Theatre Ensemble devises original performance work based on community need and social reform. “Leonix” is a fusion of the lion and the phoenix, creating courageous and regenerative performances, drawing upon many artistic disciplines. Performances are all-original works devised by the ensemble in partnership with community-based organizations.

Co-artistic directors are Jones Welsh and Erin Schlabach. The ensemble cast includes Meredyth Hunt, Diogo Lopes, Isabel Nelson, Matthew Van Curen, and Jones Welsh, and is directed by Erin Schlabach.

Tickets are $15 and can be purchased at the door or online at Reservations, (818) 618-4772.