A project where 12 graphic designers — six from the United States and six from Cuba — put aside the differences of their respective governments and created graphic art gestures of peace and friendship culminates with the exhibit Shared Dreams 2005.

Shared Dreams 2005 is scheduled to open from 7 to 11 p.m. Friday, October 14th, at Epoxybox Gallery, 602 Venice Blvd., Venice. Admission is free.

The exhibit remains on display through Thursday, October 20th.

The Cuban artists involved in the exhibit will participate in the opening via webcast and will communicate with their U.S. art collaborators throughout the evening.

The Shared Dreams 2005 project is part of the larger 7th annual Digital Design Conference held every year in Havana.

One objective of the conference is to bring together designers from around the world to use the Internet and digital design as a collaborative tool to find common ground between cultures.

“Even though the U.S. disagrees with the form of government in Cuba, Americans and Cubans are free to exchange ideas through art and culture,” says Toni O’Bryan, a cofounder of Shared Dreams.

“Shared Dreams 2005 is an example of how individuals in each country are paving the way for collaboration and friendship despite our respective governments’ differences,” she says.

With Shared Dreams 2005, the American and Cuban artists shared ideas during the creation of their designs via the Internet.

This is the second year of the Shared Dreams project, cofounded by Venice-based graphic designer Toni O’Bryan. This year’s project was co-directed by Larry Richard, a producer of touring art and technology exhibitions.

O’Bryan says the idea for the project stemmed from her involvement with the Center for Crosscultural Design, a part of the American Institute of Graphic Artists, a nonprofit graphic arts organization that holds conferences, workshops and events related to the field of graphic design. Through her involvement with the group, she interacted with Cuban designers.

In Havana, Victor Casaus and Hector Villaverde head up the Cuban end of the project.

Casaus is director of the Cultural Center Pablo Torriente Brau in Havana and is a poet, film director, narrator and journalist.

Villaverde is director of Pro Gr·fica, a Cuban graphic design organization.

American artists that participated in the project this year include Lisa Abendroth, Stuart Alden, Maggy Cuesta, Mariana Dominguez, Lucie Eder and Jesse Rankin.

Cuban participants include Jorge Ferret, Julieta Marino, Olivio MartÌnez, JosÈ MenÈndez, Faustino PÈrez and Yoana YÈlin.

Limited edition prints of the designs will be sold and proceeds will benefit the New York Foundation for the Arts and the Cuban Artists Fund.

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