Cars cutting through a shared parking lot at the corner of Lincoln Boulevard and Manchester Avenue during peak evening hours is endangering the safety of visitors to these facilities. The parking lot serves the Westchester/Loyola Library at 7114 Manchester Ave., Bill Rosendahl’s office and community meeting room at 7166 Manchester Ave., and the Westchester Senior Center at 8740 Lincoln Blvd.

On several occasions — attending meetings at the community room or the Westchester Senior Center or even visiting the library in the evening — we have found that pulling into the parking lot and walking to any of these buildings has become hazardous because of this “cut-through” traffic from Lincoln Boulevard to access Manchester Avenue.

Vehicles speed through the parking lot, and after it’s dark, it becomes even more of a hazard because of poor visibility.

Parents leaving the library with their children and walking to their cars must be extra-vigilant because of the flagrant disregard these cut-through drivers exhibit.

Vehicles attempting to back out of the parking spaces have come close to being hit by these drivers as they speed through the parking lot and around the curve to get to Manchester Avenue.

The traffic gridlock, which has become a regular occurrence, has spawned a new type of “gridlock drivers” who break the law by as many means as possible in the crazed attempt to get where they are going more quickly, with little regard for their own or anyone else’s safety.

Perhaps something can be done to alleviate the situation before an accident in that parking lot, with perhaps disastrous consequences, sparks public outcry and demands action.