Catalina Adventure, Pacific Adventure Cruises’ newest high-speed catamaran, will soon provide service from Marina del Rey to Avalon, Catalina Island for a day or weekend excursion.

Cruises are currently available for charter service and private parties, and daily scheduled round-trip service is expected to be available to the public by mid-August.

Round-trip service from Marina del Rey to Avalon is $72, taxes included.

The hydrofoil-assisted catamaran features reclining and lounge seating, panoramic views, a sun deck with shade and sun seating, and a private lounge behind the helm that seats about 20 passengers with its own wet bar, refrigerator and restroom.

A large flat-screen TV at the Navigator Bar feeds a GPS (global positioning system) navigation map.

“We are excited to provide a much-needed service for people who want to travel to Catalina Island,” said Ken Lawrence, partner of Pacific Adventure Cruises. “Residents in Ventura, Pasadena, Inland Empire and other cities outside of L.A. now have a closer option of traveling to Catalina as opposed to other ports which are farther in distance to those residents.”

Produced by Geo Shipyard, Inc. located in New Iberia, Louisiana, Catalina Adventure is a 19.79-meter (approximately 65-foot) catamaran that seats 149 passengers.

Powered by Twin Cat C32 Caterpillar mains and a Northern Lights generator, Catalina Adventure is one of the fastest vessels from Marina del Rey to Catalina Island, according to Pacific Adventure.

“The HYSUCAT (hydrofoil-assisted catamaran) was designed for fuel efficiency and utilizes less horsepower,” said David Le Comp, director of Geo-Cat Shipyard Inc.

Information, (888) 880-2628 (888-880-BOAT).