Los Angeles World Airports has appointed David Shuter as the new deputy executive director of Project and Facilities Development Services. Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) is the City of Los Angeles agency that operates the city’s four airports, including Los Angeles International Airport.

Shuter will be responsible for managing the conceptual design, planning, engineering and construction of all airside, landside and terminal facilities, road systems, parking, signage, curb usage, runways and taxiways at all four LAWA airports.

He has 48 years of work history, including numerous senior leadership positions in the fields of aviation operations, aviation facilities and transit engineering.

Most recently, he served as vice president and regional manager for Gannett Fleming, providing project and program management services, conducting capital projects management performance audits and coordinating quality assurance audits on various transit, engineering and aviation-related tasks.

During his career, Shuter had directional authority for all facets of airfield operations, construction and facilities maintenance at military airfields on the West Coast.

He was the executive director of the Orange County Fixed Guideway Agency and a member of the Orange County Airport Land Use Commission. He led the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s project management oversight team for the start up of the Pasadena Blue Line and procurement of the L.A. Car light rail vehicle.

He has project management oversight experience and served in this capacity for the Central Puget Sound Regional Transportation Authority on the Sound Transit Commuter Rail Project and Sound Transit Light Rail Project, a combined program value of $4 billion.

Shuter has a bachelor’s degree in aeronautical engineering and a master’s degree in aerospace engineering.