Bicyclists traveling on either side of Fiji Way in Marina del Rey will no longer have to share lanes with motor vehicles as a result of new road improvements by the Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors and the county Department of Public Works.

Fiji Way will soon be provided with dedicated bike lanes after restriping and other roadwork currently underway is completed.

Bicyclists heading westbound on Fiji will have access to a bike lane next to the two traffic lanes, and in the eastbound direction the two motor vehicle traffic lanes will be reduced to one to accommodate a dedicated bike lane.

County traffic engineers determined that the lane reduction for eastbound motor traffic would still allow adequate roadway capacity for motorists, even with future developments planned along the route, said a Beaches and Harbors spokeswoman.

Along with the restriping, new florescent yellow-green bike warning signs will be installed in both directions of Fiji to provide improved warning where eastbound bicyclists turn left to access the Marvin Braude Bicycle Path.

“We want cyclists to have the smoothest, safest ride possible, without having to worry about sharing their lane with vehicles,” said Beaches and Harbors Deputy Director Gary Jones.

Future improvements to Fiji Way will include two median island reconfigurations to provide left turn pockets, median island landscaping replacement and a complete road resurfacing by 2015.