Del Rey neighbors who live near Washington Boulevard want the state to stop testing drivers of big trucks near their residential neighborhoods.

The Del Rey Neighborhood Council interim board of directors voted Thursday, July 8th, to support a petition initiated by homeowners who live adjacent to the Culver City Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office to end big rig driver testing at the Washington Boulevard DMV location.

The neighbors claim that the big rigs tie up necessary street parking spaces needed by residents who live in the community.

Representatives of the DMV, Los Angeles Councilwoman Cindy Miscikowski, State Senator Deborah Bowen and State Assemblyman George Nakano met Thursday, June 17th, with the homeowners to hear residents’ complaints.

The homeowners suggested that the DMV relocate its commercial driver’s license testing to another office in a fully commercial zone — such as Inglewood or Santa Monica.

Seven of the 30 DMV offices in the Los Angeles metropolitan area currently have commercial driver’s license programs.

“The adjacent neighbors believe commercial driver’s license [programs] can, at no cost, be transferred to another, more suitable office, one without parking lot spillover,” said Bill Becker, a Del Rey Neighborhood Council board member who lives adjacent to the Washington Boulevard DMV office.

He called the commercial driver’s license testing program “basically a dinosaur here.

“The Washington Boulevard frontage (near the DMV office) is mostly empty or filled with passenger vehicles,” said Becker.

Becker claims that all streets surrounding the DMV office, including Washington Boulevard, are posted to prohibit passage by trucks and other heavy vehicles such as buses and motorhomes.

The Del Rey group also included in its motion a desire to have motorcycle driver testing moved to another DMV office.

Homeowners say eliminating DMV commercial truck driver testing would free up 12 street parking spaces for passenger vehicles.