The Del Rey Homeowners and Neighbors Association spring general meeting scheduled for Wednesday, March 26th, will feature a panel discussion entitled “Del Rey Medical Emergency: What are our Options?”

The meeting is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. at the Playa del Rey Elementary School auditorium, 12221 Juniette St., Del Rey. The public is invited and admission is free.

The panel will look at what options Del Rey residents have in the event they experience a medical crisis, including what happens when help is requested from the Emergency Medical System (EMS) through 9-1-1; where a patient would be transported by paramedics, and why; and how well equipped and staffed Del Rey’s closest hospital emergency rooms are.

Among the panelists scheduled to attend are Los Angeles City Fire Department Battalion 4 EMS Capt. Robert Cordobes; Dr. Robert Slay, chief of staff and chief of Emergency Services for Centinela Freeman Regional Medical Center Marina Campus; Dr. Kent Shoji, president of the Emergency Medical Group at the hospital and managing partner of the new Playa Vista Medical Center in Playa Vista;

Other panelists include Dr. Lee Weiss, co-medical director of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Centinela Freeman Medical Center in Inglewood; Stan Otake, chief executive officer, Brotman Medical Center in Culver City; and Dr. Robert Rosenbloom, medical director of Emergency Services for Brotman.

After the panel’s remarks, questions will be taken from the audience.

“Few of us expect to need emergency medical care, yet the L.A. City Fire Department EMS force alone responds to 9-1-1 calls more than 800 times every day,” said Chris Nevil, president of the Del Rey Homeowners and Neighbors Association.

“People of all ages can find themselves in this situation,” Nevil continued. “Find out now, before a future moment of crisis, how the system works and what your options are.

“This is an extraordinary group of medical professionals who can answer just about any conceivable question our community may have about the emergency medical care available to Del Rey residents.”

The meeting will also include a biannual director’s election.

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