Del Rey community resident Andy Pearlman envisions a new addition to his neighborhood park that would accommodate some of its most frequented visitors — dogs.

Pearlman, a former member of the Del Rey Neighborhood Council and president of the Villa Marina Council, is proposing that the community fence off a section of Glen Alla Park, Glencoe Avenue and Alla Road in Del Rey for a dog park.

At a Del Rey Neighborhood Council meeting Thursday, January 11th, Pearlman asked council members to explore the possibility of fencing off a section for dogs in the western side of the park.

That area of Glen Alla Park, which is adjacent to the picnic area and a tennis court, is most heavily used by dog owners and their pets, especially between about 4 p.m. and sunset, he says.

Although it is not currently enclosed, the western section of the park already has the atmosphere of a dog park because dog owners have been frequenting the area with their pets for many years, Pearlman says.

“That section of the park is by all accounts a dog park, just without a fence,” Pearlman said.

The proposed dog park area is currently near existing fencing, but an additional chain-link fence would need to be installed to complete the enclosed dog section, he said.

A fenced-off section at the park would help prevent dogs from running out to the street and it would create a designated area for them to roam and play, Pearlman said.

While the primary aspect of the proposal is for fencing, other potential features of the dog area include a water fountain for dogs, waste bag dispensers and benches.

A dog park at Glen Alla would also provide a place for surrounding community members to take their dogs, as there are currently no facilities designated as dog parks in the Marina del Rey area, he said.

But Del Rey Neighborhood Council president Mark Redick said the Del Rey community is “park poor” and needs to work on acquiring more park space before considering a potential dog park at Glen Alla.

“We need to critically look at our park space supply,” Redick said.

Community members are continuing their efforts in working with Home Depot, owner of the 20-acre former Postal Service property on Jefferson Boulevard, to try and designate a section of the site for a community park, he said.

The Del Rey Neighborhood Council voted January 11th, to send the Glen Alla dog park proposal to its land use and planning committee for discussion.