A proposed adult cabaret on Centinela Avenue in Del Rey has come under fire by local community leaders and residents who claim that the business is not suitable for that area of the community.

The city Office of Zoning Administration Friday, June 9th, denied the permit application to operate the adult cabaret, after Playa Vista representatives said their approved public park is within 500 feet of the site.

But Del Rey Neighborhood Council vice president Mark Redick said the project applicant may still appeal the decision.

The owner of the property at 6820 S. Centinela Ave. in Del Rey reportedly plans to convert the building into an adult entertainment business and provide parking on adjacent parcels.

But the planned location has concerned some local community members, including the Del Rey Neighborhood Council and the Neighborhood Council of Westchester/Playa del Rey, because of the business’s potential effect on the surrounding commercial and residential area.

Both Neighborhood Councils have voted at their most recent meetings to oppose the adult entertainment business, claiming that such businesses are “ideally located” in industrial zone areas far away from residential and commercial areas.

“We feel that it’s just not the type of establishment we want in the Del Rey area,” said Steve Knight, Del Rey Neighborhood Council president.

Redick said an adult cabaret in that part of the community would be “a vile stain on the community fabric of Del Rey.”

“We don’t need to make that area the Del Rey fun zone,” Redick said.

Neighborhood Council members claim that the proposed site on Centinela is the “wrong location” for an adult business because the surrounding area includes a supermarket, restau- rants, nearby residences and an elementary school.

“It’s not conducive to this kind of neighborhood,” said Gwen Vuchsas, Neighborhood Council of Westchester/Playa del Rey president. “It’s absolutely not the right location.”

While the proposed business is located within the Del Rey community, Redick said his fellow Neighborhood Council members welcome the support from their Westchester/Playa del Rey neighbors.

“We appreciate the fact that a sister Neighborhood Council feels our pain on this,” Redick said.

The contractor for project applicant EAD Santa Nella, LLC, of Los Angeles, did not return phone calls seeking comment.

Playa Vista has had plans approved for the creation of a public park at Bluff Creek Drive and Centinela, directly across the street from the proposed adult cabaret.

The city’s adult entertainment ordinance restricts adult business locations to within 500 feet of religious institutions, schools and public parks.

Local Neighborhood Council members had also expressed concern because the area adjacent to the proposed Centinela Avenue site is undergoing revitalization improvements that are attracting new businesses.

Redick alleged that the proposed adult cabaret would “severely hamper” community efforts to revitalize the area.

Vuchsas added that an adult cabaret “doesn’t mix at all” with the businesses currently located in the area.

“It doesn’t attract the environment we’re looking for in that area,” Vuchsas claimed.