18th Street Arts presents the 2nd ‘Future of Nations,’ 100% Other


100% Other: Artists and Psycho-Demographic Transitions, the second of four projects part of 18th Street Art Center’s “Future of Nations” series, is running through Friday, June 27th, at the 18th Street Arts Center, 1639 19th St., Santa Monica.

“In this election year, who votes, who is counted, who is not and who is left out, has enormous impact on the future of the nation,” says Clayton Campbell, artistic director of the center. “It becomes a much deeper discussion when we look at the changing demographics of Los Angeles as a microcosm of change in the country.”

Demographics, the theme of the exhibit, is Tyler Stallings’ curatorial investigation into identity and race. Joining Stallings as an artist fellow is visual artist Kyungmi Shin, with a further development of the ideas presented in Stallings’ essay.

“In the context of the Future of Nations exhibition series, that seeks to create a critical forum for artists to bring forward ideas and new visual strategies that address election year issues, I have organized a solo exhibition, Rich, by Los Angeles-based artist Kyungmi Shin and a group exhibition that includes artists from Southern California,” says Stalling of his curatorial effort.

Inspired by a comment heard during a radio interview, “100% Other” was meant to be a tongue-in-cheek suggestion for Americans to check off “Other” during the 2010 census. Such a response, as heard in the interview, would force officials to examine and reevaluate the distribution of resources from federal, state and local governments.

The project room, featuring the installation by Shin, is a further investigation of Shin’s sculptural project centered on the photographic images she created during trips to Ghana. Two video walls incorporate moving circles of video images of ceremonies and rites of passage. One wall features a funeral dance and music, while the other shows family rituals such as weddings, holiday meals, birthdays and funerals from African American families in Los Angeles.

Information, www.18thstreet .org/.