Information was provided on the upgrade of the Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors website and for Marina del Rey Design Control Board (DCB) meeting minutes and audio recordings at the Wednesday, June 16th meeting of the board.

Members of the county’s Information Technology team presented an update on the work it has undertaken to upgrade its Internet web pages, and said that the primary goal is to make the website easier to use.

Events listed on the county calendar will have a flyer attachment with all information about the meeting or event.

The technology staff said the site is expected to go live within the next two weeks.

Feedback is still being sought for the types of information the public would like to have available on the website.

The direct e-mail address for public comments is /.

Comments can also be made on the Beaches and Harbors website’s main page by clicking on “Please send us your comments and suggestions.” /.

DCB MEETING MINUTES AND AUDIO RECORDINGS — A county staff member presented information requested by the Design Control Board at a previous meeting about the depth and quantity of public comments included in meeting minutes, and the possibility of utilizing the county’s website to distribute DCB meeting audio recordings.

The following report information is from county documentation.

The DCB meeting minutes include public comment details consistent with similar boards in the region and with the DCB’s current policies. Staff examined 20 examples of meeting minutes from functionally-similar local, regional, and state entities and assessed the inclusion of public comment.

Meeting minutes vary widely in content, even among the same board or commission. Each example indicated the name of the person making a comment, but frequently, specific public comments were not recorded in the minutes.

This is consistent with Robert’s Rules of Order, which according to the DCB Statement of Aims and Policies (February 19, 1987), is to be used in the conduct of the DCB’s meetings.

Robert’s Rules of Order states, “there is no object in reporting the debates; the duty of the secretary, in such cases, is mainly to record what is ‘done’ by the assembly, and not what is said by the members.”

Further, the public comment content currently provided in the DCB meeting minutes is consistent with the Board of Supervisors (BOS) policies, which only require recording public comments as they relate to a decision (i.e., what is ‘done’) by the BOS. Staff recommends maintaining the same level of content (e.g., Basic Point) when preparing the meeting minutes both to remain consistent with the Statement of Aims and Policies and to streamline the preparation and approval of minutes.

As for the audio recordings of DCB meetings, the department will be posting these on its website within a week of each meeting beginning with the May 2010 meeting, believing this will provide the public with a no-cost, accessible method for securing this material.

The department has recently secured additional storage capacity to handle the increasing volume of materials posted on its website. Because the audio recordings are large files, the department is exploring delivery options for the more convenient access of smaller recording segments tied to specific agenda items.