Depicting Action, a series of exhibitions of “time-based live art,” a medium combining performance art and fine art, is on display now through Friday, September 29th, at the 18th Street Arts Center, 1639 18th St., Santa Monica. Admission is free.

The exhibit is curated by performance artist Jamie McMurry and features participating international artists from Germany, Ireland, Britain, Canada and the United States. The intent of the exhibit is to bring together “leading, established and emerging voices” from around the globe in the sub-genre of “time based live art.”

“The interdisciplinary approach to contemporary art has recently dominated major exhibitions all over the world, its appeal and power growing greater each year,” says a statement by exhibit organizers 18th Street Arts Center and Powderkeg Contemporary Performance. “As innovative artists seek to find and fill the spaces in between art mediums, incredible discoveries are made and shared with audiences hungry for new forms of communication between artist and viewer. Installation and performance have often intersected and the number of spaces incorporating the two genres are vast.”

Curator Jamie McMurry has been an active artist, organizer and teacher in the fields of installation, video, performance and conceptual art for 15 years. Originally from Yakima, Washington, he currently resides in Los Angeles and has exhibited worldwide. McMurry’s own works are based on what he calls the “murky breeding ground of aggression found in suburban America.”

Participating artists in Depicting Action include Andre Stitt, Marilyn Arsem, Mariel Carranza, Paul Couillard, Nezaket Ekici, Jeff Huckleberry, Alastair MacLennan and Sinead O’Donnell.

Stitt is from Northern Ireland and currently resides in Cardiff, where he teaches in the Time Based Arts Department at the University of Wales. Stitt has been considered one of the foremost European practitioners of performance for the past decade.

Arsem founded the Boston-based Mobius Artists Group in 1977 and currently teaches at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts.

Huckleberry currently resides in Boston, where he teaches and presents work in the field of performance. He is also co-director of the Test Performance organization and a member of the Mobius Artists Group.

Nezaket Ekici is originally from Turkey and has lived in Germany for 20 years. She attained an M.A. in pedagogy and art history at the University of Munich before pursuing an M.F.A. under Marina Abramovic at the Hochschule f¸r Bildende Kunst in Braunschweig. Much of her video, installations and performances are said to “test her own physical limitations but are camouflaged by the composed aesthetic noticeable in her works.”

Couillard creates works of performance and installation that seek to build community through explorations of our bodies as vessels of sensation, experience and knowledge, according to 18th Street Arts Center. Lasting numerous hours, his pieces have been presented at varied exhibits and festivals around the globe.

O’Donnell studied sculpture and textile in Belfast, Dublin and England before settling in Belfast. Her installations investigate sexuality and gender within systems of kinship and she is considered amongst the most progressive young female artists today.

Carranza is a native of Peru and currently resides in Los Angeles. In her recent work “Corners,” Carranza used wool collected from her South American birthplace to weave an elaborate form that fit both herself and the surrounding architecture of the gallery space. The performance lasted for several consecutive days. The 18th Street Arts Center performance includes her laying with an animal carcass on top of her.

MacLennan is a longtime member of Black Market International and currently teaches at the University of Ulster, Belfast. His dark, meditative and moving “actuation” performances are known to carry on for many hours or days and have been exhibited internationally for more than 30 years.

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