The County Marina del Rey Design Control Board last week approved additional building modification and park expansion of the Marina Beach Shopping Center at Washington Boulevard and Via Marina.

The design board had earlier supported certain entitlements for the shopping center project.

In May 2002, the design board had granted the shopping center lessee an approval-in-concept of site plans, building massing, parking location, layout, and a gateway art piece location.

Last week, the design board said it wants the shopping center lessee to return to the design board with a revised site landscape plan.

During a site survey prior to renovation, the lessee discovered a 21-inch mainline sewer — maintained and controlled by the City of Los Angeles — that is directly underneath the location of one of the proposed shopping center buildings.

The shopping center lessee proposed to eliminate that building and “relocate” the square footage that it would have contained — 3,228-square feet — to a revised and enlarged second building of 6,110 square feet, reducing the overall building area of the shopping center build-out by 128 feet.

OTHER BOARD ACTIONS —In other action last week:

n The Design Control Board approved an overall color scheme of new painting at Casa Escobar, a restaurant at 14160 Palawan Way in the Marina.

The restaurant abuts the Jamaica Bay Inn at 4175 Admiralty Way. Both parcels are held by the same lessee.

The applicant agreed to paint portions and elevations of the Casa Escobar restaurant that could be seen from the Jamaica Bay Inn pool to match the color scheme of the Jamaica Bay Inn — white with blue trim.

n The board learned that an environmental report for the proposed Woodfin Suite and Vacation Ownership project on Via Marina has not yet been received by the office of the County Department of Beaches and Harbors.

n The board learned that a scheduled item concerning Newport Boats at Pier 44 on Admiralty Way was being continued at the applicant’s request. The boat broker has been trying to get a security fence constructed at its Admiralty and Mindanao Ways parcel but has been rebuked.