The Los Angeles County Marina del Rey Design Control Board continued a project for renovation of the Marina International Hotel until January to give the applicant time to revise some aspects of the proposed project.

The Design Control Board met Thursday, November 20th, in the Burton Chace Park Community Building in Marina del Rey.

MARINA INTERNATIONAL HOTEL — The following descriptions of the renovations are from county documentation.

The applicant, Pacifica Hotels, is seeking approval for exterior and interior hotel renovations for the Marina International Hotel at 4200 Admiralty Way in Marina del Rey, as well as changing the name to The Del Rey.

The hotel currently consists of two three-story guestroom buildings and five guestroom and auxiliary bungalows over a single level of underground parking.

The applicant proposes to modify the hotel’s front approach and pitched roof with parapets added to the existing sloped roof. The existing porte-cochËre would be replaced with a cantilevered metal canopy in a brushed aluminum color over a new glass entry door storefront.

The existing balconies over the entry would be pushed back into the building faÁade, accomplished by further recessing the exterior guestroom walls and creating the space for the modified balcony areas.

The restaurant’s existing metal roofing would be upgraded with new champagne metallic standing seam panels. All flat roofs would be repaired or replaced as necessary. A portion of the restaurant’s front faÁade and pitched roof would be recessed to allow for a new faÁade with two levels of windows.

BOARD REACTIONS — Marina del Rey Design Control Board chair Susan Cloke, vice chair Peter Phinney and board member David Abelar said they wanted to see different, more colorful palettes in the building design, not the faux wood and stone proposed.

Regarding the courtyard redevelopment, Phinney said he would like to see a design that was inviting to customers to sit in the courtyard, with sofas and other amenities.

Cloke asked the developer to come back with vignettes and a new color palette, adding that the landscape palette was well done.

She said the applicant should think of how the hotel belongs in the Marina, as part of the community, and asked how they plan to get customers to come to the hotel and the restaurant and to plan events at the hotel.

Cloke said “advertising is certainly a large part of that, but community members will also be using the premises so organizing guest and non-guest parking, the use of bike racks and other services that might be important to the community are all things to consider.”

MARINA DEL REY MOLE ROAD SIGNAGE — County staff presented information on mole road signage that was requested at the October meeting.

The lessee of Esprit I had requested that the name of its apartment complexes located on Marquesas Way be added to the mole road sign.

Currently, mole road signage provides only information pertaining to public amenities along each road, such as parking and swimming.

County staff said they conducted a survey of other lessees with addresses on mole roads to determine if those leaseholds could be listed on their particular mole road sign.

The survey indicated that all leasehold names could be listed on existing signage except for Panay Way, where the sign would need to be made longer.

Phinney responded that this was the problem they had hoped to avoid when the signage was first discussed.

Cloke and Phinney said that all signage must be uniform in every manner.

County staff said this was the first consideration of the issue and they would work on it.

During public comment, resident Nancy Vernon Marino said the primary identification that should go onto the mole road signage is the basin and dock identification.

“Boating, is after all the primary activity in the Marina, and there are no signs indicating where the various basins and docks are located, making it extremely difficult for visitors to find their way to a particular basin and dock,” said Marino.

Cloke and Phinney thanked Marino “for pointing out something so basic and important to way finding in the Marina.”

Hotels and restaurants already have a street address and they are easier to find, but to find Basin E for instance, and a dock in that basin, could be an insurmountable task, Marino said.

MARINA DEL REY DESIGN GUIDELINES — The public comment period for the Marina del Rey Design Guidelines ended October 22nd, and a December meeting date is yet to be determined.

The comments were to be posted on-line at the Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors Web site, Click on “Planning.”