Applicants for a proposed redevelopment project of Pier 44 in Marina del Rey were asked by the Marina del Rey Design Control Board October 23rd to return in 60 days or less with additional information and sketches. The board met at Burton Chace Park in Marina del Rey.

The applicant, Pacific Marina Ventures, LLS (Pacific Ocean Management of Marina del Rey) was asked to return with specific information on its proposed landside and waterside redevelopment project for Pier 44, a U-shaped parcel along G Basin bordered by Mindanao Way, Admiralty Way and Bali Way, with existing buildings located at 13441 Admiralty Way.

The requested materials concern:

— a connection to the water;

— the cost of dry stack storage vs. existing storage;

— a stop for a water taxi;

— a shuttle concept;

— widening of Admiralty Way;

— a change on the loading dock for a potential Trader Joe’s market;

— three sketches: a proposed quad, water access and use and a bike path;

— landscaping ideas for a native plant palette;

— architectural images more Marina-like with not all buildings looking the same and reflecting what happens on the interior of the buildings;

— sustainability proposals such as natural products, vegetation, recycled materials and waste, stormwater run-off;

— mass transit: potential bus stops; and

— operational issues such as how to handle usage of the dry stack storage during heavy use periods and the delay times for getting boats in and out of storage.

Partnered with the company is Westrec, said to be the world’s largest owner of marinas and marine-related businesses. Local lessee Greg Schem will work with Westrec on the project.

The following project information is from county documentation:

There are currently seven buildings within Parcel 44 serving uses such as a boat brokerage, boat maintenance and repair, a yacht club, and office building and boaters bathrooms, consisting of 10,508 square feet.

Parcel 44 is roughly 8.03 landside acres and 4.68 waterside acres, with a bicycle path traversing the site through parking areas and stored boats.

The parcel includes 232 existing water slips, seven end-ties and 111 dry storage spaces on site.

The existing waterfront pedestrian promenade on the parcel is approximately 13 feet wide and is not continuous in its stretch. Parking spaces are located adjacent to the bulkhead.

Two driveway entrances are provided from Admiralty Way, two on Bali Way and three along Mindanao Way.

The proposed project would entail demolishing all existing buildings and constructing five new buildings totaling 91,090 square feet, housing a variety of uses including dry stack boat storage, a specialty market, boat brokers, a yacht club and marine administrative offices.

Parcel would consist of 143 boat slips and five end-ties coupled with a dry boat storage and launch facility housing approximately 234 boats.

The applicant said that Trader Joe’s market is interested in opening a store at the site.

The project would include erecting a boat storage structure along Bali Way, between 50 to 60 feet tall, that provides vertical storage for approximately 234 boats.

The Unistack system’s structural components would allow for flexibility to accommodate a variety of boat sizes up to 35 feet and allow for efficient launch operations. The project would include forklifts capable of lifting the boats to five levels above ground.

A ten-foot landscape setback would be provided on Bali Way and mature trees be planted to further buffer the building from the adjacent sidewalk.

A 30-by-26-foot roll-up door would be provided on the east side of the structure, remaining open during operating hours, but closed at night.

Boat repair and maintenance areas would also be provided as part of the Unistack structure (boat storage), with easy access to the boat yard and a wash-down area for boats. There would be no office space in this building, since Unistack administration would be located in a different building.

Building “P,” a proposed two-story structure to be located adjacent to Admiralty Way, would house a West Marine retail store on the first floor, while the second floor would house the South Coast Corinthian Yacht Club, a community room, boat brokers and a boater’s lounge.

New boater bathrooms are proposed at several locations on site. Bathrooms and showers for men and women have been located on the west side of the mole road adjacent to Mindanao Way.

Another bathroom and shower facility would be provided on the ground level adjacent to West Marine. A third boater’s bathroom and shower facility has been provided in Building “X” with direct entry from the promenade, and a boater’s lounge would be located on the second floor of the West Marine facility which would include laundry facilities.

Parking would be on-grade and available throughout the parcel. Parking for boaters and visitors would be provided in parking areas on each side of all building structures.

The project would require approximately 411 parking spaces, but only a total of 394 are planned. A parking permit would be requested and a shared parking analysis prepared to review the sharing of parking between uses within Parcel 44.

The proposed project would include a specialty market on the Mindanao Way side, convenient to Burton Chace Park, with a main entry provided on the west side of the building to allow direct entrance from the parking area. A ten-foot wide landscaped area is planned on the south side of the structure as is a covered canopy where benches can be placed for visitors.

The buildings would be located in a way that provides 700 lineal feet of view corridor. Circular concrete benches and elevated planters would be provided to enhance the promenade ambience.

The promenade would continue north all the way to Bali Way and southward to Mindanao Way along the bicycle path. The promenade along the east of G Basin would be designed to include five-foot-wide bicycle lanes in both directions plus an additional two feet of smooth concrete on each side of the path.

The existing bicycle path passes through the parcel along its Admiralty Way frontage, between Bali Way and Mindanao Way (in a north/south configuration), meandering through the existing parking lot and boat storage areas and passes the adjacent boat repair areas.

The new bicycle path would be placed in a straight alignment with five-foot wide lanes in each direction, directly adjacent and parallel to the bulkhead to eliminate the existing condition where bicycle traffic mixes with pedestrians and vehicle traffic.

The concept of the new design for the parcel would feature two landmarks at the street intersection that would include water features to help visually express the emphasis boating plays at the parcel.

The main driveway entry on Admiralty Way on Admiralty Way includes landscaped water features on both sides. A pedestrian walkway would be provided at the intersection of Bali Way leading directly to Building “K,” the boat brokers building.

Additional vehicular entrances would be provided to the site on Admiralty, Bali and Mindanao Way. All the buildings would be accessible by pedestrians from the promenade.

The water improvements consist of complete replacement of existing dock systems with a new state-of-the-art modern concrete dock system, which meets modern marina standards and compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Department of Boating and Waterways (DBAW) standards.

The proposed project includes a dry stack storage building and associated boat launch corridor. The facility requires two boat launch pads to handle the operations. Each launch would be composed of a small pier that extends over the ten-foot easement and into deeper water allowing for vessel launches and retrieval. Located at the end of each pier would be a hydraulic “cradle” where a boat is placed and then lowered into the water.

During the boat launch process, consisting of a forklift picking up the desired boat from the storage racks and transporting it to the hydraulic cradle, a portion of the promenade along Bali Way would be blocked temporarily, with the use of security gates operated by the boat storage staff, with pedestrians re-routed during the process through a lateral pathway to Bali Way.

The new marina would be redeveloped with commercially available pre-manufactured concrete dock systems. This new construction is planned to provide for a clean, modern appearance that requires minimal maintenance.

The ramps would be designed utilizing aluminum trusses and newly installed guide piles would be constructed of pre-stressed concrete. The dock would not be painted and would retain the natural color of its various building materials.

The new dock system would utilize a combination of traditional dock boxes with power centers mounted in the front dock box recess area, for all standard boat slips, and the use of pedestal- style power centers along end ties.

Lighting would be provided in both styles of dock box via low level fluorescent lamps which are normally used for localized safety lighting on main dock walkways. Each dock would have a sewage pump-out station that would connect to the sewer system.

PUBLIC COMMENT —During public comment, some speakers commended the project, saying that this was the one project focused solely on boating needs and services for the boating community, rather than building residential projects or even movie theaters.

One speaker said she saw positive aspects in the proposed redevelopment, but would still like to see a complete master plan for development in the marina.

She spoke about another proposed dry stack storage project that was opposed by the Design Control Board because an operational part of the storage would project over the water, asking what the status of that project was and whether there would now be two separate dry stack storage facilities.

County staff said the other project is proceeding through the approval process.

Another speaker said he would like to see a transient dinghy dock where local boaters could tie up and utilize the specialty market.

Design Control Board chair Susan Cloke said a dinghy dock was a good idea and should be followed up on. She and vice-chair Peter Phinney and members Simon Pastucha and Tony Wong all expressed appreciation for the project, but told the applicant that they want to be able to visualize some of the amenities through images and sketches to bring the project to life.

Cloke, Phinney and board members Pastucha and Wong discussed the architectural design and said they want the project to focus on the most important feature of the marina, the water, and that the buildings don’t all have to have the same design, but should impart the unique flavor of the Marina.