A set of guidelines is needed for future Marina leaseholds, with earlier oversight by the Marina del Rey Design Control Board, said control board chair Susan Cloke at a night meeting of the design board Thursday, April 27th.

Renegotiation of proposed projects — such as the Marriott Residence Inn near Mothers Beach (Marina Public Beach), the Czuker Waterfront project and others — might have to be considered because of the deficit of available parking for the beach-going public due to requested off-site parking by the developers, Cloke said.

“You have so much information that I don’t have,” Cloke told Stan Wisniewski, director of the Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors. “The loss of parking, how did we get to this place?

“Each project said parking is being replaced off-site.”

Wisniewski pointed out that the Design Control Board members had earlier recommended various parking plans.

Cloke acknowledged that the Design Control Board has in some ways been responsible for recommending approval of proposed developments and causing a shortfall in accessible parking.

“We apologize for not understanding,” said Cloke. “We are seeing this with fresh eyes, and we are in a dilemma as we may be making new problems for the future if we go on.

“We want to create an environment where nothing stands in the way of a final solution.”

Cloke compared the decision-making process regarding proposed developments and parking availability to doing a puzzle where some of the pieces are missing.

The final resolution of a proposed realignment of Admiralty Way is far from certain, and one can’t base plans on what may or may not happen or be counterproductive if it does happen, said Cloke.

These comments were made during the discussion of the proposed new Department of Beaches and Harbors administration building, to be located on Panay Way off Via Marina.

Cloke said the new administration building doesn’t have to be located on prime waterfront property just because the county administers the leaseholds in the Marina, and she suggested that, instead of a new administration building, offices could be rented in a nearby commercial building that might have a vacancy.

The proposed county administration building would be a five-story building with parking, according to county documentation.

The proposed approximately 24,000-square-foot site would accommodate a 26,000-gross-square-foot administration building and 116 parking spaces.

The building massing would provide for a maximum 56-foot-high structure with a total view corridor of 53.66 feet on the east and west sides.

The proposed building would contain one level of subterranean parking, at-grade parking and parking on floors two and three.

Floors four and five would each contain 13,000 gross square feet of administrative office space for a total of 26,000 square feet.

Parking would be accessed directly from Panay Way to the middle of the proposed building for interior parking and to the west side of the building for at-grade parking.

“We have a problem and are asking you to solve it,” Cloke told Wisniewski.

Wisniewski said he would speak with county counsel regarding parking issues.