The Marina del Rey Design Control Board recommended approval Jan. 18 of a final rehabilitation design for the Bay Club Apartments as well as landscape modifications for the Jamaica Bay Inn.

The board also agreed to continue holding monthly meetings during the day, with the exception of projects determined to be special or controversial that would be covered in night meetings.

The Bay Club Apartments rehabilitation project on Tahiti Way in Marina del Rey received a recommendation for approval after a presentation by the applicant on various changes for paving design, dock gate design and landscape design.

In new business, the control board recommended approval for the Jamaica Bay Inn project after the applicant presented a plan for landscape modifications. Board chair Peter Phinney expressed a preference for King Palm trees over the proposed Queen Palm trees, saying King Palms have cleaner lines. The applicant also noted that shrubs on the perimeter near the driveway would have a height limitation of two-to-three feet due to traffic obstruction concerns.

After continued discussion regarding the 2012 control board meeting schedule that began at the previous meeting, it was determined that the monthly meetings would continue during the day, but if a controversial or special project was being heard, a night meeting would be scheduled.

During public comment, local resident and boat owner Jon Nahhas asked that the minutes from the previous meeting be corrected because his comments were “watered down” and didn’t reflect his position. Phinney agreed and asked county staff to make the modifications to the minutes, tabling approval of the minutes until the next control board meeting.

Nahhas also complimented the control board members on their diligence, but noted “the design of the Marina is causing the public to be pushed out in a sense, limiting it to hotels and spas for a certain type of population.”

He claimed that “public land is being turned over to exclusive types of people and that many can’t afford to come there.” Nahhas told the board members that they need to monitor the development. He also asked county staff to have a “flashing” notice of a meeting on the Department of Beaches and Harbors website to more easily notify the public of meetings.

A discussion about meeting information being readily available before the day of the meeting also took place, and county staff said meeting details could be online on the Thursday before a meeting, and the public could make pdf copies of the information, which would stay online for at least two weeks.

Phinney suggested that a posting of upcoming projects for meetings also be placed online, and county staff said it could be referred to as “future” items in the upcoming months, with updates provided as the meeting times approached.