The three candidates in the City of Los Angeles 11th District City Council race were back again this week for another candidate forum.

But the contrast between the Tuesday, February 8th, forum at the Boys & Girls Club of Venice and the forum a week earlier in the Loyola Marymount University Hilton Center could not have been more different.

For starters, the LMU Auditorium, with its stadium seating, kept the audience a distance away from the candidate table.

The Boys & Girls Club forum used a smaller room, which filled early and provided poor sight lines that forced the candidates to stand while speaking. And in standing, each of the candidates came off looking much better.

“This room is full of energy,” candidate Bill Rosendahl noted.

Indeed it was.

Whether it was just the difference between Westchester and Venice or the dynamics of the venue, the Venice forum room was alive with electricity, provided by the audience.

And the candidates responded.

By coming out from behind their panel table, the candidates provided a more initimate relationship with the crowd that had come to learn which candidate stood for what.

And what a difference a week made for candidate Flora Gil Krisiloff, of whom we had been somewhat critical a week earlier.

At the Venice venue she was alive, glowed with interest in being there and won the evening’s biggest response with her concern about the homeless in Venice and the need to provide more services at the Veterans Administration facility in Westwood for homeless veterans.

This week Flora got cheers instead of boos.

Bill Rosendahl was lively as usual and forceful in his determination that as a councilmember, he just wasn’t going to take anymore of the nonsense that now goes on.

Angela Reddock, who had been such a favorite at the LMU forum, was again at her bubbly best, winning a few “right ons” from the Venice crowd.

You can see the Venice forum on Channel 36:

Thurs., Feb. 10th, 9:30 p.m.;

Fri., Feb. 11th, noon;

Sat., Feb. 12th, 11 p.m.; and

Mon. Feb. 14th, 12:30 p.m.

Our thanks to UCLA and the other sponsors who worked so hard to bring us the event.