An average afternoon of Poker might be set in a smoky, dimly lit basement at a friend’s house with bad light beer numbing the agony of losing gobs of money to greedy friends over countless bad hands of Texas Hold ‘Em.

Cigar beer breath permeates what’s left of the air in the atmosphere of the holding cell that is your buddy’s basement “game room.”

While it began as an excuse to have some laughs with some pals who don’t see each other enough, in actuality, it’s a heated competition where feelings of friendship can only expose weakness in your game. The blinds keep increasing and it’s been revealed that the host has been hooked on on-line poker for the past few months and he seems to have become something of a human calculator as he assesses averages and probabilities in lightning speeds.

But there is another afternoon poker game coming Sunday, September 9th, hosted by Pacific Mariner’s Yacht Club and Andersson Marine in Marina del Rey, that will take most of the afternoon, but only one or two hands will be played. If it’s in the cards, players can take home big prizes such as brand-new dinghies, outboards, and a ton of other marine-related swag.

It’s the Eighth Annual Andersson Marine Dinghy Poker Run, with proceeds benefiting colon cancer research and prevention.

Andersson Marine has generated over $32,000 through the years for a variety of charities with the dinghy run and it’s one of the most laid-back, enjoyable ways to spend an afternoon.

In the beginning of the afternoon (around noon this year), a location is assigned to pick up a card and everyone hops in his or her dinghy to go find out what card they’ll be dealt. Once at the location and the card is collected — players are given the next locale and off they go to retrieve the second card. No time limits, no pressure — just a day on the water with a rough outline of something that needs to get done.

The losers in the game leave satisfied that their buy-in will help a cause, and for the winners — new stuff.

The game starts at noon Sunday, September 9th, at Pacific Mariner’s Yacht Club, 13915 Panay Way Marina del Rey

Information, Andersson Marine, (310) 823-1105 or Pacific Mariners Yacht Club, (310) 823-9717.