The Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors has been told that the United States Army Corps of Engineers will not begin dredging of the north entrance to Marina del Rey until Friday, January 5th. Originally thought to begin in December, the dredging is expected to be completed around March 15th.

The dredging will eliminate current problems with storm-generated sediment shoaling and vessel groundings that are occurring at the north entrance.

At various times during the dredging, the Marina del Rey harbormaster will notify mariners about north entrance closures during the dredging operation.

An estimated 255,000 cubic meters (over 836,600 cubic feet) of clean sand dredged from the north entrance will be placed offshore in water approximately 15 to 30 feet deep at Dockweiler State Beach, off Playa del Rey, adjacent to the beach’s main entrance at Imperial Highway.

Local wave action is expected to gradually move this sand onshore, replenishing the beach at Dockweiler and other South Bay beaches.

Information, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, www.spl.usace or (213) 452-3908.