A woman was not harmed after she fell from an exit signboard on the Santa Monica Freeway Tuesday, April 19th.

Santa Monica Police were called to a Lincoln Boulevard off-ramp sign on the westbound Santa Monica Freeway at 9:21 a.m. Tuesday, April 19th, on a call of an attempted suicide.

Officers on the scene spoke to several witnesses who said that they saw a woman climb over a fence on the side of the freeway and climb onto the Lincoln Boulevard exit signboard.

A witness estimated that the distance from the freeway surface to the top of the exit signboard is 25 to 30 feet.

Witnesses told police that the woman — 30 years old, of Santa Monica — was hanging from the top of the signboard, when a man driving a van west on the freeway saw the woman hanging from the sign and positioned his van directly under her.

The witnesses told police the woman dropped from the sign, fell onto the roof of the van and fell to the freeway surface.

Police placed the woman, who had not suffered any injuries, in custody and took her to a local hospital where she was placed on a 72-hour psychological hold.

Police called the van driver, Sean Kehoe, “a Good Samaritan” for possibly saving the woman’s life.

“I did what I think most people would do in that situation,” said Kehoe.

“It all happened so fast,” he said. “As soon as I put my van underneath her, she dropped, hit the roof and rolled off the side.

“The only reason I was at that location on the freeway was because I had forgotten something at my job and was going back to get it.

“But I guess I was going back to save that woman’s life.”