SocialEats has launched a partnership with Coco, enabling customers to have their food orders dropped off directly at their door by droids.

SocialEats launches new partnership with Coco to offer zero-emission food drop-off

By Kamala Kirk

SocialEats recently launched a partnership with Coco, a remotely piloted delivery service, enabling customers to have droids drop off their food orders from the food hall directly to their door.

SocialEats is a space where modern cuisine meets a one-of-a-kind community experience, all built upon a foundation of stellar culinary concepts. Coco partners with restaurants and markets to make their local deliveries more affordable and sustainable.

Available for free local delivery within a 2-mile radius from Third Street Promenade on orders over $15, customers can combine menu items from any restaurant in the same order at SocialEats’ website.

For large orders, multiple robots will be dispatched, but orders over 2 miles away will be assigned to a human.

Deliveries within a 2-mile radius placed via DoorDash will also be powered by Coco so customers can enjoy the benefits of the no-contact, human-piloted, zero-emission delivery robot program.

“Partnering with Coco Delivery is a natural evolution of SocialEats as the next generation of social dining and delivery experiences,” said John Kolaski, owner of SocialEats and K2 Restaurants.

“By offering no-human contact delivery via human-piloted ‘cocobots,’ we hope to send a message that SocialEats remains committed to the safety, health and environment of our communities, while still focused on offering restaurant dining in a unique and convenient way.”

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