A presentation on a proposed Boat Central dry-stack boat storage project by the developer MDR Boat Central, L.P. was made at the LAX Coastal Area Chamber of Commerce Marina Affairs Committee Wednesday, July 16th, at Tony P’s restaurant in Marina del Rey.

The proposed project is on Fiji Way (Parcel 52/GG) by the boat launch at Dock 52 near Admiralty Way in Marina del Rey.

Jeff Pence and Tom Hogan, principals of Pacific Marina Development, Inc., presented details of the project at the meeting, and said the facility would be a concierge, full-service business that is geared toward smaller boats from 18 to 36 feet, with an average of 28 feet.

General partners of MDR Boat Central, L.P. are MDR Boat Central, LLC, Pacific Marina Development, Inc. and Almar Marinas, LLC.

The project would require an amendment to the Marina Local Coastal Program (LCP) to allow the proposed use of the parcel and to transfer public facility use, relocating 278 parking spaces to the Fisherman’s Village parcel after it has been remodeled, said Pence.

A consultant for the applicant said they have met several times with California Coastal Commission members regarding the project, and were encouraged to proceed.

An environmental impact report (EIR) will be presented to the county in late July, said Pence.

The proposed dry-stack storage building is to be 47,084 square feet, and 70 feet high, plus allowance for the overhead crane, on a 4.2-acre site consisting of 3.09 acres of land and 1.11 acres of water.

The structure would be steel, with some type of light, polycarbonate material covering it.

The dry-stack boat storage facility proposes to hold approximately 375 in dry-stack with 30 boats in outside mast-up storage and 12 Marina Sheriff’s Station boatwright boats.

The proposed project also includes a service building consisting of 6,335 square feet (including 3,070 square feet of office space) and is one-and-a-half stories high.

The maintenance area in the dry-stack building would consist of 3,150 square feet.

There are to be two cranes, an overhead gantry crane and a five-ton jib boom crane. Pence said the proposed crane lowering the boats into the water is electrically driven, quieter and efficient, unlike a noisy diesel forklift.

The in-water docking area would have dry-stack queuing for 40 to 70 boats and six boats from the Marina Sheriff’s Station.

The Marina Sheriff Station’s boatwright facility is planned to be 3,265 square feet, with a 2,200 square foot storage yard.

Parking for the project would be 100 percent on-site with 135 spaces.

Pence said there is over 40 years of collective experience in marinas between Pacific Marina Development, Inc. and Almar Marinas, LLC, as premier operators/owners controlling 14 to 16 marinas in California and Hawaii of approximately 5,600 slips.

Operating hours would be from sunrise to sundown, with the exception of busy weekends, and there would be 24-hour security.

A wind and shadow study was completed, and Pence and Hogan said there is no significant effect on either.

Landscaping has been designed for use of recycled water to run into the storm drain, with no overflow, Pence said.

An open dry-stack storage wouldn’t protect the boats from the weather or from birds, and boat owners could expect to pay less for boat upkeep with their boats stored inside, said Pence.

Boats would be hosed off after returning, but the engines would be flushed free of salt water after the boat has left the water, complying with regulations.

A promenade would be set back from the boat launch area for public safety reasons, said Pence.