Best Way to Say Thank You to a First Responder: Urban Plate’s Nourishing Heroes

By Caden Sullivan

The risk first responders and health care workers take every day is incredible. While we take precautions to avoid the virus and chill at home with Netflix, they fight it on the front lines. To reward their hard work, Urban Plates is running a program through December called “Nourishing Heroes.”

By donating $12 to Nourishing Heroes, locals can sponsor a meal for a first responder or health care worker provided by Urban Plates. For up to 1,000 meals per week, Urban Plates will even match the meals sponsored. This means that every $12 donation actually ends up feeding two frontline workers, and each meal is delivered directly to workers on-the-job.

Sponsoring an Urban Plates meal is very different from buying someone a Big Mac. Urban Plates has a menu of fresh, healthy foods, so first responders can be fueled with a tasty, nutritious meal for long and stressful shifts.

Whether you want to send food to a specific worker or just give back to the community, consider Nourishing Heroes if you have the means to donate. It’s a quick, easy and direct way to reward the people who tirelessly protect us.

Visit for more information. If you have a specific frontline worker to sponsor, email Orders may also be placed on the phone by calling your nearest Urban Plates location in Playa Vista: (424) 256-7274.