Best Bargain Hot Chicken on the Westside: Al’s Hot Chicken

By Anthony Torrise

Nashville-style hot chicken is nearly impossible to find on the Westside of Los Angeles. Popular brands like Dave’s Hot Chicken and Howlin’ Ray’s are at least 30 minutes away, and that’s not counting the ride back or traffic. Add fairly high prices to the mix and the endeavor is barely even worth it. Thanks to a single shop on Venice Boulevard though, these spicy bites are close by and won’t make your wallet cry.

Al’s Hot Chicken boasts a big menu including a classic chicken sandwich with coleslaw, three tenders, a quarter or half chicken, and chicken and waffle combos. There’s a long list of sides to go along with all this chicken, but the best is the chewy, gooey mac and cheese.

The three tender meal is the better choice because of the included fries, slice of toast and pickles on the side that turn a tender into a sandwich of its own. It’s the perfect portion of food at only $10. (In fact, most everything on Al’s menu is under $10.)

Don’t disregard the heat though. Even the medium spice level can pack a punch. Even seasoned spice seekers could have trouble with the hotter selections, but anyone who is daring enough to sign the waiver can go for the “LA’s Hottest” spice, which is 2.2 million Scoville heat units (that’s Caroline Reaper-level hot!). This heat level isn’t listed online so the only ways to get it on your chicken are over the phone or in person.

Limited seating is available outside so eating at Al’s is possible. Everything is ready to order for pickup or delivery through the restaurant’s website or Uber Eats, GrubHub, DoorDash and Postmates.

Al’s Hot Chicken is located at 10821 Venice Blvd., Palms. Call (818) 851-4633 or visit