Best Craft Cocktail in a Can or Pouch: Lanea’s To-Go Cocktails

By Anthony Torrise

Photo Courtesy of Lanea

One good thing to come out of 2020 is the To-Go Cocktail. To help restaurants make it through the pandemic, California’s Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) eased restrictions on selling alcoholic beverages for pickup or delivery, and so the craft to-go cocktail was born.

Among the standout concoctions created by local bars and restaurants are Lanea’s to-go cocktails, which come in cheekily decorated aluminum cans (“Enjoy: today, duh,” they declare! ) or clear pouches that show off the cocktails’ brilliant colors.

There are 17 cocktails on Lanea’s menu (all available for takeaway in four, six or 12-packs), but the following really grab attention. Lanea’s house spicy margarita adds a kick of heat to a well-known classic. The Catalina Wine Mixer (an electric blue) is a delightfully hard-fruit flavored slushy that takes you back to the good old days of childhood with an adult twist. But the real winner is the refreshing Watermelon.Sugar.High.

It’s a mellow mix of Bacardi and Strega combined with fresh watermelon juice and an extra squirt of lime that kicks the flavors up a notch. Whether it’s for a special dinner or just on a whim, Lanea’s cocktails are a great addition to any meal, any time. Just grab and go!

Lanea is located at 217 Broadway, Santa Monica. Call (424) 265-7437 or visit