The Best Do-Gooder: Lycia Naff, Drive-By Do-Gooders

By Anthony Torrise

Lycia Naff has not let the hurdles of coronavirus stop her from giving for the sake of giving. The Mar Vista local takes a drive once a week to Skid Row and hands out bottles of water, alcohol wipes, high-protein snacks and masks.

Naff has been operating Drive-By Do-Gooders for five years off of direct contributions from supporters. Before she created the nonprofit, she set aside a portion of her own income for the better part of two years to fund her efforts.

Naff’s passion for helping didn’t start with Drive-By Do-Gooders — it’s just the way she is and always has been; she has no ulterior motive than to simply help the people who don’t have help available. But her experience with homelessness is personal. Naff’s brother Cory Naff was a victim of addiction and homeless in Venice Beach for 25 years before she was able to get him any help about six years ago. Her brother is sober and now has a steady job, but Naff continues to want to get out and help the homeless community.

“The lockdown has been good to me,” she said. “It’s giving me a lot more time to focus on the charity and not get distracted by going to movies and restaurants and having fun.”

The past five months have shown a shared eagerness to return to normal life. Whereas some are concerned about being able to go about with less social restrictions, Naff’s only concern is having enough supplies to keep making the weekly drives.

With over 600 bottles of water and alcohol-infused wipes delivered weekly, it doesn’t look like Drive-By Do-Gooders has the capability to slow down.

To make a donation or to find out how you can help, contact Lycia Naff at or visit