Best Place to Order Up the Custom Cake of Your Dreams: Angel Maid Bakery

By Jessica Koslow

My stepmother discovered Angel Maid Bakery years ago on the strip of Centinela between Venice and Culver Boulevards, in a part of town now called Del Rey. It’s been our go-to custom cake bakery since, and we all have our favorites.

My favorite is strawberry shortcake, with fresh cut strawberries and not-too-sweet whipped cream between layers of white chiffon cake. My stepmom’s fave, the chocolate banana, is also delicious: chocolate cake with sliced bananas and custard cream, completely covered with fresh whipped cream.

We’ve never tried anything else, but the possibilities are endless: Tres Leches, mango mousse, raspberry passion fruit mousse, Mont Blanc (chestnut cream, meringue whipped cream, almond dacquoise cake), tiramisu, mocha chiffon, carrot cake, German chocolate and the menu goes on.

For my daughter’s fourth birthday, we chose a Paw Patrol theme. It was a full sheet: the sky was blue, the grass was green, multi-colored balloons made of macarons hung in the air and a fire truck cruising down the street sat in the corner of the cake. The look on the kids’ faces, especially my daughter’s, was sweeter than the decorative frosting. Every parent in the place asked, “Where did you get that cake?”

For my daughter’s fifth birthday, she chose a princess theme. Off we went to Angel Maid Bakery to see what they could create. Lucky for us, they had princess figurines. The bakery, which opened in 1976 and moved across the street to its current location about 20 years ago, does carry some familiar toy sets, or you can walk in with a completely creative idea.

Like when I was pregnant, Angel Maid created the cake for my baby shower: a woman’s body from the top of her chest to the bottom of her pregnant belly, wearing a gorgeous pink dress with a brown bow above — and polka dots made of flowers spread across — the big belly.

I bought an Angel Maid cake for my father’s 75th birthday, and, of course, for my daughter’s 2nd and 3rd birthdays, too. The list goes on of celebrations we’ve marked with an Angel Maid custom-made cake. Because, in my opinion, cakes are not just to eat, they can make the celebratee — and everyone in the room — feel extra special.

Custom orders should be made at least two days in advance, but some more ornate creations could take up to a week.

Angel Maid Bakery is located at 4542 S Centinela Ave., Del Rey. Call (310) 915-2078.