Eight Los Angeles Airport Police officers recently participated in the 2007 Southern California Law Enforcement Torch Run to help support the Special Olympics.

This year’s Southern California Law Enforcement Torch Run involved more than 3,500 officers from local, state and federal agencies who carried the Special Olympics torch over 1,500 miles and through more than 200 communities.

Airport Police officers James Bow, Tanansuk Chow, Daniel Quiros, Timothy Daniels, Sean Norwood, Kendra Williams, and Sergeants Jesus Dominguez and Troy Takaki received the torch from Federal Bureau of Investigation runners near Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), at the intersection of Pershing Drive and Imperial Highway.

The Airport Police officers ran a total of 3.5 miles to the intersection of Imperial Highway and La Cienega Boulevard, where they handed off the torch to officers from the Hawthorne Police Department.

Support for the runners was provided by officers Jeff Shelton, Andre Coney, Richard Blaha, Michael Krishna, Eduardo Angel, Mark Almaraz and Sergeant Imer Chavez.

Los Angeles Airport Police officers have participated in the Law Enforcement Torch Run since 2002.

Chief Richard LaMunyon of the Wichita, Kansas Police Department conceived the Law Enforcement Torch Run in 1981 as a way to involve his officers in the community by running a torch relay for their local Special Olympics.

The first Torch Run involved six officers, and over 25 years later, the event has grown to include over 100 separate runs in more than 35 countries.