They called themselves the “Lifers.” Nine years ago, they were kindergartners at St. Monica Catholic Elementary School.

Now, standing before schoolmates, teachers, parents and guests, they were eighth-graders telling, in their own words, the story of their nine-year journey towards graduation.

The 13 “Lifers” were joined by the 16 other members of the Class of 2006 at the St. Monica Catholic Elementary annual graduation breakfast on Friday, June 9th, in the school auditorium.

The 29 graduates didn’t have to wear school uniforms and, sitting at the center table, they were served breakfast by seventh-graders.

On Sunday, June 11th, the 11 graduating boys and 18 girls donned blue caps and gowns and received their diplomas after an afternoon Mass in St. Monica Catholic Church. Then the graduates joined in to praise their teachers and mentors.