With 100 percent of precincts reporting, statewide and local results for the Tuesday, November 7th, general election are in.

U.S. SENATE: Democrat Dianne Feinstein defeated Richard “Dick” Mountjoy, Republican; Don Grundmann, American Independent; Todd Chretian, Green; Michael S. Metti, Libertarian; and Marsha Feinland, Peace and Freedom. Feinstein received 60 percent, 3,984,426 votes.


District 30: Democrat Henry A. Waxman defeated David Nelson Jones, Republican, and Adele M. Cannon, Peace and Freedom. Waxman received 71 percent, 130,787 votes.

District 33: Diane E. Watson faced no challenge. She received 100 percent, 97,346 votes.

District 35: Democrat Maxine Waters defeated Gordon Michael Mego, American Independent, and Paul T. Ireland, Libertarian. Waters received 84 percent, 72,114 votes.

District 36: Democrat Jane Harman defeated Brian Gibson, Republican; Mike Binkley, Libertarian; and James R. Smith, Peace and Freedom. Harman received 64 percent, 92,222 votes.


Governor: Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger, with 56 percent, 3,782,221 votes, defeated Democrat Phil Angelides.

Lieutenant Governor: Democrat John Garamendi, with 50 percent, 3,296,759 votes, defeated Republican Tom McClintock.

Secretary of State: Democrat Debra Bowen, with 49 percent, 3,180,635 votes, defeated Republican Bruce McPherson. Bowen is from Marina del Rey. McPherson was the incumbent.

Controller: Democrat John Chiang, with 51 percent, 3,326,831 votes, defeated Republican Tony Strickland.

Treasurer: Democrat Bill Lockyear, with 55 percent, 3,564,910 votes, defeated Republican Claude Parrish.

Attorney General: Democrat Jerry Brown, with 57 percent, 3,743,201 votes, defeated Republican Chuck Poochigian.

Insurance Commissioner: Republican Steve Poizner, with 51 percent, 3,299,029 votes, defeated Democrat Cruz Bustamante.


District 26: Democrat Mark Ridley-Thomas defeated Libertarian Bud Raymond. Ridley-Thomas received 89 percent, 114,458 votes.

District 28: Democrat Jenny Oropeza defeated Cherryl Liddle, Republican, and Peter “Pedro” De Beats, Libertarian. Oropeza received 62 percent, 113,065 votes.


District 41: Democrat Julia Brownley defeated Tony Dolz, Republican, and Conrad Stefan Frankowski, Libertarian. Brownley received 63 percent, 65,133 votes. She is the former president of the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District board of education.

District 47: Democrat Karen Bass defeated Republican Jeffers MacArthur Dodge. She received 85 percent, 72,612 votes.

District 51: Democrat Curren D. Price defeated Ross Moen, Republican, and Carl M. “Marty” Swinney, Libertarian. Price received 74 percent, 46,214 votes.

District 53: Democrat Ted W. Lieu defeated Mary Jo Ford, Republican; Peter Luke Thottam, Green; and Karl Abrams, Peace and Freedom. Lieu received 59 percent, 65,938 votes.


District 4: Democrat Judy May Chu defeated Glen Forsch, Republican; Monica W. Kadera, Libertarian; and Cindy Varela Henderson, Peace and Freedom. Chu received 65 percent, 899,554 votes.


1A — Transportation Funds: Yes.

1B — Transportation Bonds: Yes.

1C — Housing Bonds: Yes.

1D — Bonds for School and College Buildings: Yes.

1E — Flood Control Bonds: Yes.

83 — Punishment for Sex Crimes: Yes.

84 — Bonds for Water and Natural Resources: Yes.

85 — Parental Notification about Abortion: No.

86 — Cigarette Tax: No.

87 — Oil Tax for Clean Energy: No.

88 — Property Tax for Education: No.

89 — Public Funding of Political Campaigns: No.

90 — Property Rights: No.

SANTA MONICA CITY COUNCIL: The top three vote-getters out of ten candidates were elected to three open seats. They are incumbents Kevin McKeown (19 percent, 12,033 votes), Pam O’Connor (18 percent, 11,374 votes) and Bob Holbrook (18 percent, 11,142 votes).

SANTA MONICA RENT CONTROL BOARD: The top three vote-getters were elected to three open seats. They are Jennifer Kennedy (30 percent, 10,516 votes), M. Korade-Wilson (29 percent, 10,052 votes) and Zelia Mollica (25 percent, 8,854 votes).

SANTA MONICA COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT BOARD OF TRUSTEES: The top four vote-getters out of six candidates were elected to four open seats. They are Nancy Greenstein (22 percent, 16,201 votes), Louise Jaffe (21 percent, 15,560 votes), David B. Finkel (19 percent, 13,739 votes) and Andrew Walzer (17 percent, 12,765 votes). Former Santa Monica College administrator Tom Donner lost with 13 percent, 9,767 votes.

SANTA MONICA-MALIBU UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT BOARD OF EDUCATION: The top four vote-getters out of six candidates were elected to four open seats. They are Emily Bloomfield (22 percent, 16,001 votes), Oscar de la Torre (20 percent, 14,081 votes), Kelly McMahon Pye (20 percent, 13,983 votes) and Barry A. Snell (18 percent, 12,741 votes).


BB — Santa Monica-Malibu Schools Safety and Repair: Yes.

U — To Amend Various Existing City Charter Sections: Yes.

V — Clean Beaches and Ocean Parcel Tax Act: Yes.

W — Amending Charter Section XXII, The Taxpayer Protection Amendment of 2000: No.

Y — Marijuana Lowest Law Enforcement Priority Policy Ordinance: Yes.


H — Affordable Housing General Obligation Bonds: Yes.

J — Technical Changes for Proposition F Regional Fire Stations: Yes.

R — Councilmember Term Limits of Three Terms; City Lobbying, Campaign Finance and Ethics Laws: Yes.