Students from Community Harvest School, along with various environmental organizations and Los Angeles County employees, took part in planting native shrubbery near Ballona Creek at 10 a.m. Monday, May 14th.

What initially began as a plan to educate students about the value of the Ballona Creek Watershed’s natural resources has led to an activity that will help to conserve water and provide a more picturesque environment around the creek area, officials said.

Los Angeles County Public Works employees and local business and community leaders assisted students from Community Harvest, which is a charter school.

“This event emphasizes the fact that we all live in a watershed,” said Los Angeles County Public Works deputy director Diego Cardenas. “Every activity within our watershed can have a positive or negative impact on our quality of life. The message the students hope to spread is to take actions that benefit public health of the watershed and conserve the natural resources.

“The small act of planting shrubs will bring environmental awareness to the students and the residents, as well as provide landscape enhancements and a sense of school and community pride.”

According to the Public Works Department, the participants expected to plant 130 native bushes along the creek.