Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) recognized 14 employees who have successfully demonstrated the customer service goals of the NICE (Neutralize Irritations Customers Experience) program at Los Angeles International Airport.

The NICE incentive program is offered by LAWA as a follow-up to “Resiliency Edge” customer service training that employees receive. The program is designed to recognize top performing employees who apply the lessons from their training and become active NICE problem solvers for the traveling public.

The program was introduced last year for 650 employees from several LAWA departments, including Operations, staff from Customer Service and the Airport Response Coordination Center, Airside Bus and the Police Security Badging divisions. More than nine out of 10 participants rated the “tools” they received in training helpful, while the incentive recorded more than 200 examples of problem-solving stories involving NICE workers, airport officials said.

The program has attracted positive attention for LAX locally and nationally, and due to its success, airport officials said they will expand the program this year to additional LAWA divisions, beginning with police who direct traffic and the airport’s volunteers. The goal is to create a solid foundation for the program with LAWA staff, then expand the training and incentives to all of the airport’s employees by working through airport stakeholders, officials said.

The Resiliency Edge training and NICE incentive are offered for LAWA by the Human Resiliency Institute at Fordham University in New York in partnership with the American Association of Airport Executives as part of a national program to enhance airport customer service. LAX is the first airport on the West Coast to introduce the program, officials said.