THE CALIFORNIA SCIENCE CENTER has offered to provide scholarships to students and professional development programs to educators as a result of the space shuttle Endeavour’s visit in the Westchester community in October.

Students in the Westchester and Playa del Rey area will see some educational benefits as a result of the space shuttle Endeavour’s stopover in the community earlier this year, Los Angeles Councilman Bill Rosendahl’s office has announced.
The California Science Center, the new home of the Endeavour, has offered to assist students and teachers in Rosendahl’s 11th District with scholarships and special access to the space shuttle exhibit.
According to a letter from California Science Center President and Chief Executive Officer Jeff Rudolph, the center will offer students from within the Westchester-Playa Neighborhood Council’s area five days’ admission to view the Endeavour, provide at least 10 scholarships each year for the next five years, and provide five professional development programs for educators in the 11th District, Rosendahl said.
The center offered the benefits as a way to thank the community for its support in making sure the retired space shuttle had a successful journey from Los Angeles International Airport to its new science center home.
During its two-day trek through the streets of Los Angeles in October, the Endeavour spent several hours at a Westchester parking lot, where many spectators gathered to get a peak and take pictures with the orbiter.
“I’m thankful that the California Science Center worked so hard to bring the Endeavour to Los Angeles and for extending these generous benefits to my constituents,” said Rosendahl. “The West Coast’s largest science center is a first class operation and a point of pride for Angelenos.”
The science center worked with Rosendahl’s staff and other neighboring communities to determine how to provide the best educational experience for those affected by the shuttle’s transport, the councilman noted.