The Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica is fusing art and healing with a new Media Artwall planned for the new state-of-the-art Howard Keck Diagnostic and Treatment Center that is scheduled to open next year.

The interactive artwall feature is believed to be the first digital art program of its kind and is comprised of 16 50-inch video screens with more than 17 feet of digital display, said a Health Center spokesman.

The Media Artwall will provide an innovative curatorial framework in which to display local community artwork, according to the Health Center spokesman. The Saint John’s Health Center is inviting community members to participate in the inaugural exhibit to help launch the project. Saint John’s will accept submissions from emerging and established artists from the hospital and local community through March 31st.

“Art carries a therapeutic message that can greatly enhance the healing environment,” said Marla Koosed, art program curator. “Instead of presenting art in a traditional manner, we want to engage visitors in a sensory experience that evokes a soothing, therapeutic setting. Blended with Saint John’s reputation for leading-edge care, the new center will provide an environment for rest and healing.”

This campaign is the second call for submissions. More than 250 pieces were submitted for the inaugural exhibit, scheduled for 12 weeks during the late summer/early fall. The second exhibit is scheduled to run in the fall/winter.

Artists may wish to consider how they would incorporate or modify existing work, or create new work to engage viewers in this experience, according to the Health Center. While there is not a specific theme to the second exhibit, artists should consider themes that are conducive to a healing atmosphere.

Accepted mediums include painting, drawing, photography, video and mixed media (including metal, sculpture, textile and collage). Children’s artwork is also acceptable.

“Ongoing exhibitions of selected artwork will rotate throughout the year and we will always be on the lookout for new and innovative work from local artists,” Koosed said. “The Media Artwall will give viewers a sense of what the local community brings to the Saint John’s experience.”