“Borderlands,” an exhibit of photographs addressing the environmental impact of the US-Mexico border wall expedition, will be presented at the G2 Gallery in Venice beginning Tuesday, January 5th through February 7th.

The group photo exhibition is organized by the International

League of Conservation Photographers. Participating photographers include Jack Dykinga, Wendy Shattil, Christina Mittermeier, and Ian Shive among others.

The images that comprise the “Borderlands” exhibit are the result of a three and a half week RAVE (Rapid Assessment Visual Expedition) instigated by the League of Conservation Photographers. The Borderlands RAVE took place in the first months of 2009 along a 2,000-mile stretch of land around the border between the United States and Mexico.

The photographs featured at the G2 Gallery exhibit document the environmental impact that the border fence has had on the land and the inhabitants of the region, in particular the land and the wildlife that inhabit it, a league spokesperson said.

The G2 Gallery is at 1503 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice. For more information and hours, (310) 452-2842, or www.theg2gallery.com/.