Eric “da Bahia” Santos Lindauer, son of Venice High School Super Shop 9 instructor Art Lindauer, has passed away at the age of six.

Eric died suddenly August 31st from respiratory failure and cardiac arrest, his father said. Although he was born with cerebral palsy and was deaf, Eric lived a very happy life, his father said.

Born in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil, from where he received the nickname Eric da Bahia, he smiled and laughed all the time. Like many children, his favorite treats were ice cream and chocolate, words his father says he learned quickly.

Eric loved school, swimming in the pool, interacting with people, playing with his father, fast, scary rides and Camp Escapades, the summer camp where he spent three of the best weeks of his life, Lindauer said.

Eric traveled to Hawaii, Nicaragua, Arizona, Nevada, Florida, New York and on a Caribbean cruise, where he swam with dolphins. He attended concerts, visited Disneyland four times, was honored by Hollywood elite in Beverly Hills, performed at the Los Angeles Special Arts Festival and loved his father madly.

“This little boy never knew he was handicapped and touched the lives of so many people. What everyone will remember best was his smile,” Lindauer said of his son.